Where does the time go?


Most people have the best of intentions. We want to do the right thing…then time slips away from us. We meant to call our mothers and check in. We were going to get around to planting flowers this year. There are a list of things we know we should do.

So that’s what I do–I make lists! Even if I don’t get a chance to check everything off, or even if I lose the list a few days after making it, somehow I feel as though I have more control over my life because I wrote it down.

Don’t be discouraged. Lists are very helpful even if you don’t remember where you put them. Sometimes you can remember what was on it, simply because you wrote it down. And they do help you prioritize your work effort. The trick is to start with the highest priority and not be tempted to skip to the bottom of the list because those are easier. (Although when you are feeling discouraged, knock out a few easy tasks as a pick-me-up.) Are you one of those people that add things to your list just so you can cross it off? I am! It makes me feel more productive.

The list I’m working off of today is my Marketing Plan. There isn’t any set format for a Marketing Plan that I’ve found. A lot of suggestions and examples, but nothing that says there’s only one way to do things. So mine looks like a to-do list! Then I broke it down into short-term, mid-term, and long-term timelines. It’s a living breathing document so it changes every week. Having it on the computer has kept me from losing it.

The important thing is to have a plan, even if you deviate from it. You have to have a starting point.

So go on! Go make a list. Turn it into your marketing plan. Try to capture some of that useful time before it slips away.

via Blue Dragon Publishing – Making a Writers Dream a Reality – How Do I Get My Book Published.


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