Good Morning!


It’s Saturday morning and I was able to sleep in until 8 am. I woke up without the aid of an alarm and immediately felt that I had forgotten something! No softball games to get to, no Girl Scout event…it was refreshing to be still for an extra minute.

Then it was time to get the day started. No where to be, but plenty to do! Maybe I’ll get a little writing done today–but wait, I still need to go through my emails, update my Facebook, and blog (check!). I have to stop and ask myself if I’m really that busy or if I’m avoiding the writing. Why avoid writing? I love to write.

I love getting in the zone and creating characters. I like being a part of their lives. But then life tears me away and I’m gone for so long. When I go back to them, it’s like having to get to know each other all over again. It makes me sad. So, like picking up the phone and calling the friends that I haven’t talked to for ages and feel guilty about, I avoid getting back to my characters.

But today is a good day. I’m going to pick up that phone (get to the keyboard) and say hello to some characters I haven’t had time for recently. What about you?

via Blue Dragon Publishing – Making a Writers Dream a Reality – How Do I Get My Book Published.


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